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Meet Dr. Mitch Davis

Computers to Chiropractic

Meet Dr. Mitch Davis, Laurens County Chiropractor

Meet Dr. Davis

Dr. Davis hadn’t had any intention of becoming a chiropractor until he was in his mid-twenties. His good friend from high school, Danny, had always believed, however, that Dr. Davis would make a good chiropractor. He was right.

Danny had wanted Dr. Davis to attend the pre-chiropractic program with him at their local community college. Dr. Davis said, “No Danny, I’m going into programming.” Dr. Davis got his associate’s degree in computer programming and business administration.

After a few years of working in the field, however, Dr. Davis slowly started to realize that maybe it wasn’t for him. Danny returned to town from chiropractic college and took over the practice he had been going to since he was a boy. This seemed to Dr. Davis like a good life: owning your own practice and helping people every day.

A Born Problem Solver

Dr. Davis returned to community college for two more years to meet the undergraduate prerequisites of applying to chiropractic colleges. He chose to attend Life University Chiropractic College in Marietta, GA. Since starting chiropractic college to present day, Dr. Davis describes himself as having “a relentless focus on getting to the root of the problem in the spine.”

Math and computer programming had always appealed to Dr. Davis. “I’m a problem solver. I always have been.” Dr. Davis saw that the heart of chiropractic was problem-solving — except, instead with numbers or computer codes, with the orientation and position of one’s vertebrae.

Not Just Relieving Back Pain

This is indeed true as Dr. Davis has helped remedy all types of conditions including the following: seizures, constipation, crossed eyes, ingrown nails, headaches, anxiety and fatigue. He’s also extremely interested in how negative emotions can be caused by improper alignment of the spine.

For example, he helped a man relieve chronic headaches. When Dr. Davis asked the man how the treatment was working he said, “The headaches are gone, and I’m not having nightmares anymore.” Another example is a man he helped with shoulder pain who later felt no pain, and also less anger. “People have commented on how I’m calmer now,” the patient remarked.

“Learning how to unlock the secrets of the spine was what drew me into chiropractic. I was surprised, however, to learn how far reaching the effects of fixing spinal alignment could be. Not only would I be able to solve the problem of people’s back pain but I could help them with so many other things!”

A Family Man

Dr. Davis has been married since November 6, 1987 to Deborah Davis. The couple has three children: Clint born in 1992, Clay in 1996 and Chloe in 2000.

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