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Reviews for Bennett Chiropractic Clinic, LLC

Very Highly Skilled Professionals

Dr Davis and his wife are very highly skilled professionals. Dr Davis’s adjustments are painless and with rapid results. He even saw things in my body that I had struggled with three months ago and I had even forgotten about. I will be a patient of his for life on a maintenance level.

– J.S.

Most Thorough

Most thorough visit I’ve ever experienced with a chiropractor. I’ve never had this type of treatment previously. Dr. Davis is very knowledgeable and I am looking forward to future visits to address my issues. Debbie (front office) is very friendly and efficient, which is greatly appreciated.

– M.T.

Immediate Relief

I really enjoy talking to Dr Davis about my treatments and he has an amazing way of explaining things. I feel really hopeful that he will be able to get my issues under control and I will be able to avoid taking pain medicine to get relief! Immediate relief is his goal, and I’m so very thankful for that!

– L.M.

So Friendly and Helpful

Would highly recommend. Great place and the staff were extremely helpful and friendly. I really appreciate you Dr. Davis. Also thank you to the receptionist. It’s always a much better experience when the person answering the phone is so friendly and helpful. 10/10

– C.M.

Very Reassuring

When I first visited Dr. Davis it was very reassuring. I explained ALL what I had been through. His bed side manner made me feel that I was not a science experiment. He went into detail what he could do to help me. I look forward to the journey to have the type of care that I deserve.

– Anonymous

My experience was great

I am so glad that I decided to come. Dr. Davis made me feel that after years of suffering that there is hope I can regain some of my mobility and activities with less paid. Dr. Davis took time to listen and explained the procedure and my problems so that I could understand. My experience was great and I look forward to going back.

– D.A.

Dr. Davis really helped me!

Dr. Davis has really helped my back as well as sinuses and knee pain. I go to him before I go to the doctor’s office! It is amazing to learn how much our spinal health affects our whole body health.


Can Walk Without Help or Falling

I was walking crooked and could hardly walk with my back all year, I would fall and pitch forward when I walked. This was so severe. I got such good results. My impression of Dr. Davis is “great!” Now I can walk without help or falling.

– M.T.

Remarkable Relief

I had PAIN, PAIN, PAIN, up & down my spine and legs from ruptured discs and extreme pain occasionally. I had had back surgery, physical therapy and had been using TENS units, ibuprofen, muscle relaxers and pain killers. My father got relief at Dr. Davis’s office for shoulder bursitis and sinus headaches, so I decided to try it. Dr. Davis is very caring, very professional, very interested in hearing the patient and gifted with understanding. I got remarkable relief even on the table, much improvement in mobility – healing during recovery period, absence of pain. I would recommend others who are sick, suffering or in pain to Dr. Davis at Bennett Chiropractic. I have told too many people to count about chiropractic at Dr. Davis’ office. I am very confident of help there.

– D.M.

Highly Recommend Dr. Davis

I had shoulder pain for one year. I had been taking medication. My sister got me to try Dr. Davis, my results were very good. I would recommend Dr. Davis to others. I’ve told many people about him.

– H.P.

Entire Family Are Patients Now

I had lower back, leg and knee pain for 28 years. My boss man sent me, at first I was scared but I feel different now. I am pleased with the results from Dr. Davis. Just about my whole family is a chiropractic patient now, it is wonderful, I would recommend others come here.

– C.M.