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What to Expect

Dr. Davis warmly welcomes you to Bennett Chiropractic Clinic, LLC! Your care plan is based off of what your condition is when you come in and what you need. On every patient’s first visit, however, they will undergo an in-depth consultation.

New Patient Forms

Please download, print, and complete these forms so you can bring them with you to your first visit:

New Patient Paperwork

Gaining an Understanding of You

Dr. Davis values performing an initial in-depth consultation and examination because that forms the foundation of his understanding of your spine and the way your unique body works.

You will begin your first visit after filling out some paperwork when you arrive, if you haven’t already completed these forms ahead of time.

Dr. Davis will come into the room and discuss with you what brought you in.

(Are you in pain? Where? Do you just want a spinal check? Are you here for maintenance work?) In the words of Dr. Davis, “I’m going to do everything I can to understand what your problem is and how you would like to deal with your problem.”

You will discuss your health history, a history of your particular health problem and whether a standard physical examination including orthopedic and neurological tests, as necessary, would be appropriate.

Activator® Isolation Testing

Activator® technique at Bennett Chiropractic Clinic, LLC in Laurens County

At Bennett Chiropractic Clinic, LLC, we have mastered the Activator® technique.

The next exam that Dr. Davis will perform is called an Activator® Isolation Test. First Dr. Davis will compare the length of your legs. Next, the isolation test is performed based on where your pain is.

For example, if you have a headache and the upper part of your neck is sore, then you will be asked to perform specific movements with your head and neck while Dr. Davis observes any changes in your legs’ length.

The point of this specific exam is to test each individual vertebra for subluxation. This exam (along with information from your history and other exams) tells Dr. Davis if he needs further information from X-rays. If he decides so, X-rays are done in office.

After determining the major subluxation in your area of complaint, Dr. Davis will tell you what the problem is, how it affects your body and whether or not he can correct the problem, also, an estimate of how long it will take. After you have understood and accepted the findings, you will view a short video about how the Activator Technique is different. Then Dr. Davis will deliver your first adjustment using the Activator®.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Dr. Davis prides himself on being straightforward with patients. If he feels chiropractic cannot help you, he will tell you and refer you to another doctor or care provider.

Similarly, after you have found relief through his care, and you would like to continue coming for maintenance care every month, six months or every year he can set that up for you. He, however, will never push that option: It’s your choice, and he respects it.

Furthermore, if you come in and there’s nothing to adjust, there’s no charge. Come back in a month, come back in a year, come back when you want to!

Responding to You

At each visit, Dr. Davis will want to know, “Is your condition better or worse? Is anything sore or tender? Have you noticed any positive or negative changes?”

He starts from this point and proceeds to assess your spinal condition for changes, possibly worsening, but usually improvement. There is no set-in-stone procedure here. Dr. Davis listens to his patients and then responds to their needs by using his mastery of chiropractic and the Activator® technique.

Start receiving care that is truly centered on you and what you need! Call us today to schedule your first appointment!