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Our Technique

Since 1982, the only chiropractic technique used at Bennett Chiropractic Clinic, LLC is Activator Methods®. Activator® is low force, precise, specific and gentle! Dr. Davis uses Activator® because he believes it provides more effective, longer-lasting results than other chiropractic techniques.

Activator Method at Bennett Chiropractic Clinic, LLC

At Bennett Chiropractic Clinic, LLC, we are proud to be an exclusive provider of Activator Method®

What Is the Activator®?

The Activator® is a handheld, spring-loaded instrument, the tip is smaller than the average person’s thumb. It delivers a very precise force and velocity. This precision cannot be obtained by manual adjustments. The amount of speed and force used in an adjustment determines how well the adjustment will hold and for how long.

The best adjustment is delivered with the highest speed and the lightest force. As the Activator®’s speed is measured between 500 to 1000 times faster than a manual adjustment and its force is significantly lighter, the Activator® makes a great adjusting tool.

Expert Know-how and Technology — A Winning Combination!

Dr. Davis has taken over 200 hours of postgraduate Activator® courses. And continues to take advanced courses in Activator on a yearly basis. The Activator® provides superb speed and force to deliver an adjustment. There is no twisting, turning, cracking or popping of the vertebrae when using the Activator®. It is gentle enough to avoid unnecessary discomfort, yet strong enough to be effective.

The Activator® Difference

The Activator® is different. If you have been to a manual chiropractor before you have probably experienced the twisting, turning, cracking or popping sensation; you may feel everything move. But, you also probably noticed that the spine tends to move out of place again quite soon.

When you are adjusted using the Activator®, you may not feel the same initial relief. The positive effects are slower to come; patients may notice them any time between 20 minutes after adjustment to four hours later or even the next day. You may also notice that adjustments hold longer, providing lasting relief.